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This is my newest L&L Kiln, the efl2620 and the first firing from it. I love this kiln, it's durable, easy to fire, efficient and affordable. L&L is my only choice in kilns because you cannot beat the reliability, service, quality and integrity that L&L provides. 

What I make:

Coiled Bread Baskets, a variety of woven bowls, butter dishes, egg plates, and flip flops are just a few of the functional items I enjoy creating.

I start with a stoneware clay and fire it to 1800 degrees.  I then mix glazes from recipes tried and true from master potters to fire the work in a gas downdraft kiln to about 2400 degrees.  My husband helps me on the sales, marketing and delivery side of the business and loves seeing the work that comes out of the kiln as much as I do.

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